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Ridge Tiles

Ridge tiles is the generic term for tiles that are positioned on the apex, or high point, of a pitched roof there are various designs that sure used to protect the edges, or ridges of a roof.

The mortar which holds the tiles secure may over time begin to deteriorate. Rain can sometimes penetrate the mortar and if this should freeze which is not unlikely considering our winters then cracking of the mortar may occur. When this happens the ridge tile will no longer be securely attached to the roof and will not properly protect the roof and in a strong wind could even become fully detached and fall from the roof.

Replacing ridge tiles early so the damp doesn’t have time to penetrate is always a wise course of action, if you do notice any potential issues with you ridge tiles, for instance, if a tile no longer looks in line with other tiles or looks as though it has become dislodged, you should have a professional investigate it immediately.



Roof Tiles

These are normally nailed in place or held in place with nibs, nibs hook over the roofing batons – over the years nibs and nails can wear, become damaged causing tiles to slide down the roof. Tiles can also be displaced during high winds and storms. If you spot any misplaced roof tiles then just give us a call, it is also worth noting down the date you think it may have come dislodged as it is possible that your home insurance may cover the costs or replacing tiles.

We have contacts with a large number of suppliers and manufacturers and have access to a large number of different types of tiles of different designs and prices. Whatever your requirements are we can help you find the type of tile you require.



As there are normally no nibs on slates they have to be held in position with nails – modern nails have a much longer lifespan due to improvements of the manufacturing process and changes to the materials. Older nails can rust and eventually snap over time causing the slates to move. We have the tools, skills and experience to carry out these repairs.



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Dragon Roofing Contractors Limited

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Dragon Roofing Contractors Limited

Company Number: 04835044

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