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Lead Work


Lead has been used for many years because of its durability and suitability for purpose.


When installed properly it lasts longer than all more modern materials and ages well, most people think the look of lead improves with age, it also has a strong resistance to corrosion.


It is a material that is widely recycled, in fact one of the most commonly recycled materials within the construction industry. Despite being widely recycled it can still be an expensive product so it is important that installation is done correctly, first time by professionals with the necessary skill set to insure a good result and protection for the elements.


We are experienced and skilled in its installation be it a repair or replacing leadwork we can help.


Please do not hesitate to call us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.




Gaps between surfaces on roofs are sealed with flashings these are used around chimneys, dormer windows and adjoining roofs.


Normally made of lead on older properties, on modern properties they are much more likely to be bituminous based strips. Subsidence is a common cause of damage to flashings.



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Dragon Roofing Contractors Limited

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Dragon Roofing Contractors Limited

Company Number: 04835044

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