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The role of guttering is simple it is to channel the rain water away from the property and into a drainage system or sometimes a storage system such as a water butt.


The simplicity of guttering does not reflect its importance, a leaking gutter or one that has been badly fitted can cause tremendous damage to a property as it will sometimes direct the water into or against the very property it was meant to protect.


A leaking gutter can be caused by a few things, such as, damage perhaps by storm putting too much pressure on the joints, damage from impact perhaps a stray football, growth from vegetation such as ivy slowly forcing the joints apart, poor quality materials have prematurely perished or quite commonly the guttering has become blocked by fallen leaves or dislodged moss from the roof.


It is very important to regularly check your guttering even if you have gutter guards fitted as the build up can happen quickly depending on the proximity of trees and bushes.


As a professional roofing company we have the skills set and the knowledge to repair or replace guttering and we work a lot on new builds within large developments, we have experience of fitting guttering to all kinds and sizes of property and can carry out regular maintenance checks on properties if required.


If you have any questions or would like us to come and check your guttering please give us a call.

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Dragon Roofing Contractors Limited

Company Number: 04835044

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Dragon Roofing Contractors Limited

Company Number: 04835044

All Rights Reseervce