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Fascias & Soffits


Fascais, Soffits, Barge Boards and Cladding products have a dual purpose the most importantly provide protection from the elements and normally guide water to the guttering system, and they are also designed to look good and finish the look of a roof.


Today these products are mostly made from UPvc which is a very durable and long lasting material that offers exceptional protection from the weather. They are all available in different styles and colours to suit your property.


Proper installation of these products is essential in order to get the full level of protection from the weather and to make sure the full lifespan of the product is achieved. Faulty installation can very quickly lead to water penetrating the property which can quickly lead to further problems and additional work to rectify.


As a professional roofing firm we will only ever use the highest quality of fascias and soffits as opposed to the cheaper lower quality flimsy versions that’s one firms choose to use.


Call our team today to discuss your fascias and soffits requirements and arrange a site visit from a member of our team.


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Tel: 01792 790 158

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Dragon Roofing Contractors Limited

Company Number: 04835044

All Rights Reserve

Dragon Roofing Contractors Limited

Company Number: 04835044

All Rights Reseervce