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Chimneys can be damaged by numerous occurrences such as a bad storm or simply gradually deteriorating over time and they can quickly become unstable and therefore unsafe.


Damaged, crumbling or insecure brickwork on a chimney stack is a job that needs urgent action as soon as it appears the dangers involved in leaving unsafe brickwork are far too great to hesitate. Call us for a quick response and an accurate quotation.


Our clients may have a situation where the chimney is no longer required, quite popular now as many people are switching to electricity for all the power rather than a mixture of electricity and gas. We can cover or cap off chimneys to ensure rain does not get in.


Good routine maintenance is essential with chimneys stacks and we would always recommend using professionals not just because of the inherent dangers of working at height but also the weight of the chimneys and the usual requirement to use scaffolding.


Whatever your requirements are regarding your chimney please give us a call and we can visit your property and provide you with the information based on our years of experience within the industry.

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Tel: 01792 790 158

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Dragon Roofing Contractors Limited

Company Number: 04835044

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Dragon Roofing Contractors Limited

Company Number: 04835044

All Rights Reseervce